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Technical and Instrumental Due Diligence, Reporting, Energy Production Prediction and Revamping Test.
PV-SCAN Smart Platform
PV-SCAN is the Smart platform for Photovoltaic Performance analysis, Reporting, Measurements data processing, Energy production prediction and Due Dligigence web cloud, for O&M Company and Owners. Use PV-SCAN for monitoring performance trend of your PV plant park. Find your plant and Join PV-SCAN!
Plant Performance Analysis

All parameters all under control for photovoltaic plant permormance monitoring. All measurements are shown and reported on plant dashboard. DC and AC loss, Modules loss, Shadow loss with 2D and 3D plant modelling. With periodic plant instrumental analysis you can compare the performance trend of all plant components.
Thermography easly shown

Modules thermography is shown on 2D map plant executed by drone technology. Thermal defect is visible on different colors for different types. All thermography information are diplayed on defect click, also serial number. Thermography report is generatet on demand, statistics on defects and thermal image gallery. Is reported thermography for modules, string boxes, inverters and MT trafo.
I-V Curve, Insulation, PR%

All I-V Curve on modules or string and Insulation test on SB, modules, strings, inverters or cables are shown on PV-SCAN. Automatic reports are generated on demand. All parameter are shown and is possible to set performance threshold also for I-V test Insulation. Complete Plant Test PR% are detailed on executed inverter test.
Panels Electroluminescence

Electroluminescence service of high resolution photovoltaic modules and strings for an easy identification of the photovoltaic modules affected by PID (Potential Induced Degradation) effect, cell connection bus breakages, cell fractures (cracks), damaged module bypass diodes and much more. All Electroluminescence images are grouped by Defect Type or by String number and all measurement parameters are shown.
Serial Numbers Collection

With PV-SCAN you can see the exact position of a panel Serial Number. It is possible to monitor module changes to keep update the list of the modules serial numbers. All informations are shown on a 2D modelling map of PV plant, executed by drone technology. Protect your investment, better manage your photovoltaic plant.
Energy Prediction and Revamping Test

With the exactly measured plant loss (modules loss, AC and DC loss etc.) PV-SCAN can estimate Production for the next working year of photovoltaic plant. Detailed technical and financial revamping simulation is obtained automatically for support revamping solution operation (for modules, inverters etc.).
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